Where can I deliver parcels to with Collectco’s Send service?

Collectco offers fully trackable logistics services to send your parcels to a collection centre. Once the parcel has arrived at the collection centre, parcel recipient will receive a notification to collect the parcel.

Do I have to pack the parcel myself?

Yes, you will need to pack the parcel by yourself. Please ensure that your parcels use good strong packaging, put lots of cushioning inside the box, wrap your item well and seal the box well. Ensure that the label on the parcel is visible for the collection centre to scan.

How do I determine the weight of my parcel?

Your parcel's weight will be calculated based on volumetric weight. To calculate volumetric weight, use the following formula:

Volumetric weight (kg)  = Height x Width x Length ÷ 5000

My early booking shipment has been cancelled. Why?

Your paid shipment will be cancelled if you do not drop off your parcels 7 days after booking date.

What time can I drop off/collect my parcel at a collection center?

You can drop your parcel at the store within its opening hours. You may locate a store here.

How will I be notified of my parcel arrival?

Once the parcel has arrived at the collection centre, we will send an e-mail or SMS to notify you. In order to collect the parcel, you will need to show the email/SMS to storekeeper, or recipient's proof of ID (IC or driver’s license).

How can I track my parcel?

You can track your parcel here. Simply enter in your tracking code, and a delivery status will be shown to you.

How many days does it take for my parcel to be delivered?

Your parcel will be delivered to the collection centre next day within Klang Valley if you drop off your parcels at the store before 10 am.

Do I have to print Collectco delivery label to send a parcel?

Yes, you will need to print Collectco delivery label and stick it on the parcel before it can be accepted by our collection centres. Please do not cover the label bar code with tape as this will affect the scanning process.

Can I return a parcel via Collectco?

Yes, you can return parcels to partner merchants through our website. Simply access our returns section, select the retailer you would like to return to, follow the instructions in the page, and drop it off at any of our collection centres.

What is Collectco’s liability?

Collectco is liable up to RM200 is provided for all transactions. We will only reimburse the cost or value of the item sold or RM200 whichever is lower.

What are the parcel criteria to send a parcel?

Our collection centres can only accept parcels with maximum dimension of 40cm x 40cm x 40cm and weight of 15kg. Please ensure that your parcel is within the specified criteria.

Packaging Guidelines

Here is a list of our top packing tips:

  • Wrap items within a parcel individually, ensuring items cannot move around in transit
  • Use padding so that the item/s do not touch any of the sides of the box
  • Use strong packaging to protect the item in transit, preferably strong rigid boxes as your parcel may have other parcels on top of it during parts of its journey (black bags/bin liners should not be used)
  • Use original packaging where possible, however please conceal the nature of the item
  • Make sure packaging is securely sealed using strong tape
  • Attach your label to the parcel securely ensuring the barcode is not covered with any tape

What do I need to collect my parcel?

You will need to show email/SMS notification with verification code or proof of ID in the form of IC or driver’s license.

What if the parcel recipient does not collect the parcel after 7 days?

After 7 days, Collectco will notify the sender on the overdue parcels. You will be required to make payment for a shipment back to you. You can either collect the parcels from a collection centre nearby or send the parcel back to your door.

Where can I get my tracking number?

You will be able to get a tracking number once you have dropped off your parcel at the collection centre. Your tracking number is also your Collectco barcode.

Can a friend or relative pick up a parcel for me?

Yes you can. They will need the recipient's proof of ID or verification code, which will be sent to you via e-mail.

How long do I have to collect my parcel?

Parcel recipients have a week (7 days - inclusive of weekends) to collect your parcel before it is collected back by Collectco.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us via:
Email - hello@collectco.asia
Phone – +6010-229 2470