How to return to Astro GO Shop?

1. Log in to and select the item you wish to return in My Orders.
2. Click Return and fill in the form. Select Collectco Easy Return and choose your preferred Collectco Dropoff Point.
3. Confirm the request, print the returns form and wait for a SMS Notification from Go Shop.
4. Pack your items in its original packaging together with its tax invoice and free gifts (if applicable). Stick the returns form securely on the packaging.
5. Drop off your parcel in your selected dropoff point.
6. Track your parcel here.

Astro GO Shop FAQ

How do I track my parcel?

You need your tracking number to track your parcel. You may do so at

How do I find the CollectCo center address and opening hours?

You may locate the CollectCo center via CollectCo website –

Can I change my collection center after order confirmed?

Kindly contact AstroGo Shop for such requests.

Who do I look for in the collection center to pick up my parcel?

You may ask for CollectCo over the counter at the cashier to pick up or drop off parcels. For pharmacies, the CollectCo designated counter is at the pharmacist counter.

What do I do if the parcel is rejected at the CollectCo center?

Kindly contact CollectCo customer service for further instruction.

Do I have to pack the parcel myself?

Yes, you will need to pack the parcel yourself as the CollectCo center storekeeper will not assist you to pack or provide any stationaries for packing.

What are the parcel criteria for the CollectCo center to accept?

•  Wrap items within a parcel individually, ensuring items cannot move around in transit
•  Use padding so that the item/s do not touch any of the sides of the box
•  Use strong packaging to protect the item in transit, preferably strong rigid boxes as your parcel may have other parcels on top of it during parts of its journey (black bags/bin liners should not be used)
•  Make sure packaging is securely sealed using strong tape
•  Attach your [pre-inserted return AWB] to the parcel securely ensuring the barcode is not covered with any tape

How do I contact CollectCo customer service?

You may contact CollectCo customer service via:

Phone +6010-229 2470