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Cara paling mudah untuk pulang balik kepada Lazada

29 May 2017

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“Tiada form untuk isi (tulis), tak perlu ambil ticket giliran.” – Akmal Jamaluddin, Petaling Jaya

Hurray, barang Lazada anda dah sampai! Jap… Barang rosak? Atau kualiti rendah? Saiz skirt👗tak ngam, tak cantik? 💫 Anda tak perlu risau lagi kerana Lazada ada polisi pemulangan  dalam tempoh 7 hari tanpa syarat! Di sinilah panduan yang pasti lengkap & terkini untuk memulangkan balik kepada Lazada! Ginilah cara dia:

Sebelum ini, talian khidmat pelanggan kami sentiasa boleh dihubungi melalui 010-2292470 kalau anda perlu bantuan kami. Ingat jangan tak ingat! Simpan dalam telefon anda 🙂

1. (A) Saya ingin memohon pemulangan barang (Online Return Form / ORF)

Masuk ke akaun anda ► klik Pesanan Saya (My Order) ► cari pesanan anda & klik URUS PESANAN (MANAGE ORDER) ► klik Mengembali Barang (RETURN ITEMS) ► Isi borang pemulangan (ORF) ► Pilih CollectCo sebagai cara penghantaran anda ► Hantar (Submit)

► Cetak label pemulangan barang (disyorkan) / Catatkan kedua-dua nombor RN & nombor pengesanan CollectCo

**Label pemulangan barang tersebut hanya dapat dicetak di versi desktop laman Lazada sahaja. Kalau pohon melalui mobile, Lazada & CollectCo tetap mengesyorkan anda untuk mencetak tetapi tidak mewajibkannya.

     (B) Saya sudah memohon pemulangan barang

Di Pemulangan Saya (versi desktop sahaja) atau Pesanan Say, cetak balik label pemulangan / cari balik nombor RN & nombor pengesanan CollectCo.

**Label pemulangan barang tersebut hanya dapat dicetak di versi desktop laman Lazada sahaja. Kalau pohon melalui mobile, Lazada & CollectCo tetap mengesyorkan anda untuk mencetak tetapi tidak mewajibkannya.

2. Bungkus item & lekatkan label pemulangan

Bungkuslah item-item anda dengan betul seperti biasa bagaimana anda bungkus dan hantar di pejabat pos.

► Lekatkan label pemulangan yang telah dicetak (disyorkan) / tulis kedua-dua nombor RN & nombor pengesanan CollectCo atas bungkusan anda

3. Serahkan bungkusan kepada kaunter di mana-mana kedai CollectCo yang terdekat!

Kaunter itu akan masukkan nombor bungkusan anda ke system. Anda boleh mulai mengesan bungkusan anda di track.collectco.my!

**Kaunter tersebut bukanlah sebarang kounter khas CollectCo, tetapi adalah kaunter kedai itu sendiri.

4. Yeehaa! Sekarang anda boleh mengesan bungkusan anda di track.collectco.my!


5. Maklum balas tentang pengalaman anda di sini, “Share” pengalaman anda dan “Like” Facebook Page kami!

Kanlah mudah, cepat dan senang?!

Penting! CollectCo point tidak akan menyediakan dan alat-alat dan perkhidmatan membungkus. Sila bungkus barang anda agar dapat meringankan  kerja kedai rakan kongsi kami. Budi anda akan memastikan agar pelanggan-pelanggan lain dapat  menikmati servis yang senang ini selama-lamanya.


Easiest Way to Return to Lazada

29 May 2017

(Tekan sini untuk versi BM)


“No form (manual writing), no queue! To me CollectCo is the most modern method to return.” – Akmal Jamaluddin, Petaling Jaya

Have you bought something from Lazada but not satisfied with what you purchase? You do not need to worry because Lazada has a 7 days no-question-asked return policy! This is the most complete and updated guide on how to return to Lazada at CARiNG, Senheng, Mydin, Happy Mart and more points!

By the way, we are only one, call, away. We will be there to save the day. Call CollectCo customer service 010-2292470 if you need help or to give feedback.

 1. (A) I want to apply for Return on Lazada.

Enter your account ► click My Orders ► click MANAGE ORDER link on the item ► click RETURN ITEMS link ► Fill in the form (ORF) ► Choose CollectCo as your drop-off courier ► Submit

► Print the Return Shipping Label (Recommended) or note down both the RN number & CollectCo tracking number given

**If you apply via mobile, you can reprint the return shipping label on Lazada desktop version only. This is recommended but optional.

     (B) I have applied for return.

From My Returns (accessible on desktop version only) or My Orders, reprint the return shipping label or retrieve both the RN & CollectCo tracking number given.

**If you applied via mobile, you can reprint the return shipping label on Lazada desktop version only. This is recommended but optional.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Pack your items & stick the label

Pack your items properly like how you would pack it to send at a post office.

► Stick the return shipping label (if printed) or write both RN & CollectCo tracking number on your parcel.

3. Simply pass the parcel to the store counter at any CollectCo point near you (check here: www.collectco.my/locations)!

The counter staff will register your tracking number into our system.

**The counter is not any special setup or a booth. It is usually the payment counter or the pharmacist counter. Ask the counter if you need help.

4. Voila! Track your parcel at track.collectco.my!

5. Help us to improve here, share your experience, and like our Facebook Page!

♥ Fast, simple and convenient. Isn’t it?




Leverage & Integrate Your Way to Success – EEC 2017 (RM99 only!)

12 May 2017

EEC_2017_event_details.PNGSharpen your eCommerce skills and learn from the success stories of various successful online entrepreneurs in Exabytes E-commerce Conference (EEC) 2017!

The event will be packed with must-know insights and tips by more than 10 speakers from many renowned brands. Furthermore, if you aspire to be a professional e-commerce company, check out the 3 panel discussions on the hottest topics in e-Commerce:

  • The Importance of Branding in eCommerce and HOW to Build One
  • Why payment gateway is a must in eCommerce and How Does it Help on Conversion?
  • The Ultimate eCommerce Tips to Stand Out When Selling on an Online Marketplace

CollectCo is proud to be a supporting partner of EEC and we are giving out mysterious gifts. We have given you many reasons to be there, now get the most out of it for just RM99/pax while stocks last!

Check out the event details here.

CollectCo X Line Clear Express: A Partnership That Delivers

19 Apr 2017


CollectCo’s partnership with Line Clear Express allows the courier company to offer its customers the alternative option to self-collect their parcels instead of having them delivered to their home addresses. It has been a standing partnership of over a month and CollectCo are enthusiastic about the benefits that this could bring to both parties and also their customers.

Provide convenient racekit collection for race participants

A case in point would be the SongkRUN Water Run Malaysia 2017 which was held on 26 March. As the official delivery sponsors, CollectCo and Line Clear Express were in a race against time to ensure that the participants were in possession of their race packs before the event. Thanks to the partnership, participants were able to choose whether they wanted to have their packs delivered to their houses via Line Clear Express services or to collect their packs from CollectCo outlets.

It is this freedom of choice afforded to the customers that makes the partnership between CollectCo and Line Clear Express so beneficial. In fact, consumer research has shown that 40% of customers are willing to pay more for the self-collecting option (Total Retail 2016, PwC). With advantages such as eliminating missed deliveries and a wide variety of collection points open after working hours, it is no wonder that customers are beginning to appreciate the option of self-collecting.

The service provided by CollectCo solves the most frustrating part of receiving deliveries – namely that the customer is not at home to receive it, either because they are at work or unluckily just out at the moment. When a customer opts for CollectCo, they are able to collect their deliveries from outlets that are open from morning until night every day of the week.

Responses from those who chose to use CollectCo for the SongkRUN race confirms this, with 65% citing the unavailability of anyone to receive the parcel as the reason for choosing CollectCo. The remaining number mentioned a reluctance to trouble their family, housemates or neighbours as their reason for opting for self-collection. Moreover, all survey participants found the instructions on the process easy to understand.

CollectCo was more than happy in its role as a sponsor for the SongkRUN race. It was the first time CollectCo acted as an official delivery sponsor in a race and the response was encouraging – despite the fact that their sponsorship came late, the adoption rate was very promising. The benefits of its partnership with Line Clear Express were also clearly shown through this event – both businesses have expanded on their infrastructures, been able to afford more options for their customers and derive cost savings.
Looking forward, it also brought about a healthy level of brand awareness that contributes to CollectCo’s hope for the immediate future: that more people become aware of the availability and benefits of this new service, and a subsequent increase in adoption by both consumers and the e-commerce industry at large.

Fotokem Mid Valley awarded as Collectco “Point of the Month” (March 2017)

23 Mar 2017

Amidst the hustle-bustle in the Lower Ground floor of Mid Valley Megamall, the staff at Fotokem Mid Valley can be seen serving their customers diligently. The store was awarded ‘Point of the Month’ to recognize the store’s achievement as the best store in Collectco network for March 2017.

The award puts high weightage on parcel handling and customer service. Earlier when we asked our customers to review the Collectco points they visited, many have complimented Fotokem Mid Valley with encouraging feedback such as “Friendly counter staff”, “Very well-trained and know what to do” and “It takes place super fast!”. The feedback we gathered suggests that customers tend to appreciate the staff’s friendliness and readiness to help them with their parcels. Even though the parcel drop-off/collection process would take less than 10 seconds in average, “a simple good smile can make one’s day great!” – one customer commented. These are the sort of stores that make customers’ lives easier.

We caught up with Yap, the store manager of Fotokem Mid Valley to find out more.


“In your opinion, how has Collectco services help your business?”

Yes definitely. People who never knew about this Fotokem store or even the Fotokem brand itself will now know after they come (to send, collect or return their parcels). If they want to buy a camera, for example, they know that they can buy it here. The Collectco services have really helped us bring new people. For people who were in a rush, we tried to give them a brochure at least.

“The people who send or collect their parcels here have given your store great feedback. How do you feel about that?

I’m delighted. It’s really great to receive such positive feedback from our customers. Definitely. We are all well trained to be good salesmen and to be attentive to their enquiries and needs. We know that some customers who want to return unwanted items aren’t happy with their purchases and want a hassle-free return process. We do what we can to help them with their returns and self-collection. We are able to tell the customers how to return to Lazada using Collectco or how to return to Zalora, for example.

“Since you deal with the customers directly, in your honest words, do you think the customers are happy using Collectco service?”

I believe so. Customers like the convenience of having parcels delivered to the store so they don’t have to wait in for deliveries or to deal with missed deliveries. People also come back whenever they want to return unwanted items or for collecting their parcels. A lot of them come in during lunch hours and after work.

“How is your experience providing Collectco service?”

To be honest, I wasn’t keen at first on this seemingly “Uber for post office” service. However, after training, we found it very easy and the entire process is quick – customer comes in and hand over the parcel to the counter, we checked in the parcel. The staff guide print-outs provided for us, and the parcel guidelines (meant to be shown to customers) have helped to remove confusion and improve the (in-store) process. These save the customers’ time and our time. We are happy to be part of the Collectco network.

These guys were hungry as they skipped lunch.



We are happy with Collectco – Gundam.my

15 Mar 2017


Photo courtesy to eCommerceMilo, the top eCommerce insights site in Malaysia

We partnered with Gundam.my to launch our self-collect delivery option in November last year. Gundam.my was one of our early adopters -besides online giants Zalora and Lazada – to work with Collectco.

Collectco’s self-collect delivery option in Gundam.my is really what some customers love. We observed that customers  have repeatedly used it. Perhaps, they find it more convenient to collect their orders at a nearby store like Caring Pharmacy or Mydin because they worry that nobody is at home to receive it. At the end of the day, it’s about providing more options and making things easier for our customers.

– Lai, Founder of Gundam.my and Condom003

The growing adoption of self-collect at a local store from Gundam’s customers clearly signals that there are online buyers in Malaysia who need more options in receiving parcels especially when they are not at home. PwC’s Total Retail 2016 – SEA Highlights indicates that 40% of the consumers are even willing to pay extra to collect orders at a convenient 3rd party location, exactly what Collectco is offering. With e-commerce expected to boom this year, there will be a growing demand for alternative delivery options such as self-collect and same day delivery.

See how Gundam.my’s checkout page looks like here.

“We are happy with Collectco so far.”, said Lai when our team visited him at his office, who has activated self-collect delivery option for Condom003 on 14th March. Similarly, LittleBookWorm, a store built on Sitegiant with Collectco plugin also thinks that the self-collect option provides great value to their customers.

More launches in new areas to serve growing demand

With a passion to serve growing needs, our team is working hard to expand our coverage to more areas, the latest being our launch in Penang with like Happy Mart. Penangites, Collectco is here!!

Check out Collectco partner stores and locations here.

Interested to provide Collectco services to your online store? Click here to discover how our services an benefit your customers.

“Lai: We observed that customers have repeatedly used it (self-collect).”