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Allow your online buyers to return or pick up their parcels from a CollectCo Point.


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Empowering retailers with parcel services to thrive in the digital era.


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Allow your customers to pick up or return their parcel through our network of CollectCo Points nationwide.

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Our mission is to empower retailers to thrive in the digital era through parcel services.

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Increase your shop revenue and traffic by becoming a CollectCo Premium Point with over 10 courier partners.

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Allow your online buyers to return or pick up their parcels from a CollectCo Point.

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Do you want to offer parcel services in your shop?

With the rise of e-commerce, demand for parcel services has significantly increased over the past few years. You can ride the wave of this growth by offering parcel services if you have a shop.

Be a part of over 600 CollectCo Premium Points today and start driving revenue and traffic back into your shop.We have partnerships with more than 10 courier companies that placed their trust in us to grow their retail network.

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Pick Up or Drop Off your parcels with ease across 1000 CollectCo Points nationwide.

We have partnerships with renowned chains such as Mynews, Caring Pharmacy, Happy Mart, Healthlane Pharmacy, CNI and many more. Parcel services has never been this easy with CollectCo.

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More than 1,000+ collection centers.

"Parcels made simple."

Collectco made the process of parcel drop off and collect easier and faster than the traditional method. As a Colletco Premium Point, it increases my store exposure to the local community and it directly increases sales revenue as well. Looking for alternative income, Colletco is the best decision you should look at.

Henry Hii

CPP Tudan, Miri

"Parcels made simple."

Sejujurnya, CollectCo sangat membantu business owner menaikkan sale sedia ada. Selain daripada kerjasama yang sangat baik dalam menyelesaikan masalah, pihak CollectCo juga senantiasa berkongsi idea dan tunjuk ajar dalam memperbaiki mutu dan kualiti service.

Yang penting hasil kerjasama antara En Huzil dan kami membuahkan hasil yang terbaik dan cemerlang sepanjang hampir setahun bersama CollectCo.

Apapun, terima kasih tak terhingga kerana memberi peluang kepada kami untuk bina empayar kami sendiri. Terima kasih sekali lagi…

Puan Liza

Rahliza's Collection Boutique

"Parcels made simple."

I'm so satisfied with overall services. Knowing Collectco from one of your agents and be able to see how they grow has opened up eyes to join Collectco. Being able to gain more knowledge in courier services, I also managed to attract new customers, gain more income & get excellent services by Collectco representative, Mr Huzil. I'm glad that I'm one of your agents! Thank you Collectco!

Puan Sarah

Rich World 279 Services

Why CollectCo?


Immediate online application, fast approval and 24 hours go-live policy once approved.


Simple, easy and convenient process using our technology-driven e-parcel management system.


Adequate business training, marketing support and excellent customer service from our experienced team.

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